Limpe Fuchs: Muusiccia

My next interview is with the wonderful Limpe Fuchs who is going to talk to us about Muusiccia. Limpe has been a recording artist since at least 1972, the year of the classic self-titled album by Anima Sound - and when I first got in touch with her I was temped to cover one of these older records. Yet the hyper-textural music of 'Muusiccia' which is from 1993 (still the earliest recording yet covered on Navel-Gazers) captivates me in a way which is so personal and so intense that I knew that was what we had to talk about instead. Before reading this interview - or perhaps while reading - I recommend you to put in your favourite headphones and allow Limpe's handmade percussion sounds to usher you in. 'Muusiccia' is no mere album, it's a sublime sound art gallery where surprises lurk around the corners and where music and sculpture seem to collide. Let's find out more!

AC: Not to lead off with anything too topical, but you had mentioned to me that 'Muusicc…

"What's Inside?" - Recording and Isolation

Sometime in 2002, in the olden days before Bandcamp and GarageBand and YouTube, on Long Island, New York I encountered a phenomenon which turned me into a true believer. That is to say I first understood what it meant to be an artist for life: you know, a Navel-Gazer.

I'd just attempted home-recording for the first time, over a period of several weeks preceding the incident. I was using a Tascam 8-Track Portastudio borrowed from a guy named Jeff Weir, at "the Maddhaus" which was this place in Philadelphia where I lived with some friends. The cellar of the Maddhaus - with its cavernous ambience - became the home for all my musical instruments along with anything else that made a sound: kitchenware, bicycle horns, clock radios, big vats of water... nothing too imaginative although it seemed so to me at the time.

At some point during this period I travelled up to Long Island to visit my family, where I happened to take along one-and-a-half cassette tapes full of this "ma…

Matt Atkins & Adam Kinsey: Lowercase

My next interview is with Matt Atkins and Adam Kinsey who are going to talk about a recording called Lowercase. I've had an interview with Matt in mind since the inception of Navel-Gazers - he's a prolific recording artist with an obvious dedication to the medium, and his discography left me with a lot to choose from! I considered A Garden of Solitude - which I'd also recommend to listeners - before eventually settling on this interesting electronic collaboration with Adam Kinsey. Adam, whose distinctive modular textures will be familiar to many of our readers, is quite a thoughtful and cerebral guy so I think Matt and I are both keen to hear what he'll have to say! For the uninitiated, 'Lowercase' is an excellent introduction to either artist so please listen and read on.

AC: First off, the title of this album 'Lowercase' is obviously intentionally ironic (that L's capitalised!) but was personally relevant to me for another reason: three of the inte…

DiscountGnostic: Sponge Dreams

My next interview is with Chris Hill aka DiscountGnostic who is going to talk to us about Sponge Dreams. Although it's a short recording - 26 minutes in total - 'Sponge Dreams' got me thinking of all sorts of things I'd like to talk to Chris about at the moment. Many of our readers know Chris Hill as a live improviser and event organiser - he also moonlights as a painter, sound archivist, contributor to The Fortean Times, scholar of esoterica and arcana, connoisseur of the "shaggy dog tale" and grand-webmaster-general of the crypto-discography known as DiscountGnostic which we're going to learn more about in this month's Navel-Gazers. Is 'Sponge Dreams' the entryway to this dark and nebulous realm? What's the way out? Let's see what Chris has to say.

AC: Firstly thanks, this is well-timed! In this "isolation" period I'm grateful for a discussion on just about anything of substance and I'm especially happy to talk about…