(Various Artists): There Is No Music From China

My next interview is with Zhu Wenbo, Yan Jun and Li Song who are going to talk to us about There Is No Music From China . This is new territory, for several reasons.. it's the first venture onto the Asian continent for Navel-Gazers, and I hope the first of many. It's also an email interview with three  people so bear with me collating all the responses! And it's a compilation, produced by Zhu Wenbo and Yan Jun. Zhu Wenbo is a sound artist, event organiser, and founder of the Zoomin' Night label based in Beijing. Zoomin' Night is a goldmine for anyone wondering about experimental music in China. Yan Jun is also based in Beijing - he's been described as 'the invisible glue holding together the Chinese experimental music scene' - on a side note I recommend his collaboration with Hsia Yu 7 Poems and Some Tinnitus which could be a discussion for another day. Last but not least Li Song - a contributor to the compilation - is my connection here, he

Trynka: Przesyt

My next interview is with Łukasz Trynka who is going to talk to us about Przesyt . 'Przesyt' is a definite contrast to the free-form improvisation which has been our stylistic locus here at Navel-Gazers... 50 minutes of densely-orchestrated avant-prog music, a recording that could easily be mistaken for the lost basement tapes of Magma or Samla Mammas Manna - this is a change of gears. There's also another ingredient in the mix here - you could call it improvisation but knowing Łukasz, we could also just call it pure mayhem - and it's all the more noticeable since the compositions, which much have been assembled carefully, seem to be ever at its mercy. I know Łukasz from the improv world, as I know many of the Navel-Gazers - and so when he shared 'Przesyt' with me I was surprised and glad to know of a fellow traveller, someone familiar with a relatively arcane and frankly unfashionable approach to music that has always interested me. Let's fi

Adam Bohman: Music and Words

My next interview is with Adam Bohman who is going to talk to us about Music and Words . This is a very unusual instalment of Navel-Gazers in that the entire interview was carried out through the post! At Adam's request, all of my questions were handwritten, with responses provided back to me on a cassette tape: perhaps the perfect medium for this discussion. Much of 'Music and Words' itself revolves around cassettes, decades-old "Talking Tapes" of Adam puttering around London's remote suburbs and narrating astutely on his encounters with the random, the incidental and the banal. There's also - as advertised - music in the mix here, instrumental sound interspersed with the narrations in ways which are totally unpredictable. I invite you to listen and read, but I can't promise you'll be able to do both at once - 'Music and Words' may have you laughing out loud, or scaling the walls...! AC: Firstly thanks for suggesting this unusual